tumblr made me think about a lot of things but mostly social justice and my eyebrows

» Answering Machine



At the end of June, a college student was found dead in his apartment. He’s been dead for at least a month and his body was found in a bad state of decay. The cops called his brother Tatsuya in to identify the body and while he was there, they played the messages on the deceased’s answering…

» Playing Hide and Seek by Yourself (Hitori Kakurenbo)




So, there was an anon who asked what I thought of Hitori Kakurenbo earlier today. While I’m still waiting to find out if they meant the movie or the game, I realized some people might not even know what the game is. It is, hands down, the creepiest shit I’ve ever heard…

» Are you alone?


My friend told me this a while ago, and I think it’s something you should know about.

Do you ever wonder if you’re really alone? Like, maybe something is there but you have no way to prove it? Well, I know how to find the ghosts that our eyes can’t usually see.

First, you need to…


well i already know im going to hell

at this point it’s really go big or go home

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